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Marco Demaria

Marco Demaria

Marco Demaria is an Associate Professor of Cellular Aging at the Medical Faculty of the University of Groningen, Netherlands. He obtained his PhD in Molecular Medicine at the University of Torino, Italy, under the supervision of Prof. Valeria Poli. He joined the laboratory of Prof. Judith Campisi at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging, California USA, in the summer of 2010 to navigate through the complex phenotypes of senescent cells. He also started to be interested in therapeutic approaches to target the negative aspect of senescent cells. He moved to the University of Groningen and the European Research Institute for the Biology of Aging (ERIBA) in September 2015 as Group leader of the laboratory Cellular Senescence and Age-related Pathologies.

His research is focused towards understanding the cell non-autonomous functions of senescent cells, including their roles in tissue repair, cancer and aging. The goal of his group is to dissect positive and negative roles of cellular senescence in different physiological and pathological context.

His laboratory is funded by several intramural and extramural agencies. In 2018 he co-founded a start-up company, Cleara Biotech. Dr Demaria also serves as Editor in Chief for npj Aging and from 2022 he is the President of the International Cell Senescence Association.

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